Find out the seven trendiest artificial plants you should sell in 2021!

The thought of having an artificial plant as a décor item always causes an instant reaction. All nature lovers love the idea of having such accessory in homes and offices. However, what happens to those who don’t have GREEN THUMBS (like me, ha-ha)? Well, please pass me that pot of artificial plant. I don’t care what it is anymore. I want a trendy, high-quality, and durable product that doesn’t need me to spend so much attention on it. So, dear artificial plants business enthusiast, what do you think? Don’t you want to opt for the trendiest ones that move the market so quickly? I know you do!

This post will provide you with a list of the top trendiest high-quality artificial plants suitable for your business. So if you intend to run a wholesale company, ensure that at least of these are on your bulk inventory. They are what the target market seeks as they are considered the most aesthetic and natural-looking. Take a look at these life-like plants that everyone would love to have. Know your market and make great sales!

1.    Faux fiddle-leaf fig tree

Hey, to these finicky cute looking plants! Through the years, the fiddle-leaf fig tree has continued to gain popularity. They seem to be easier to blend into any décor style than others. But guess what! Here’s the fact; the real ones are even more finicky than you would imagine. They are pretty selective and require excess care and attention. They don’t like drafts, too much sun, too wet soil, and so many picky little things. That’s why the human-made faux models are something we appreciate since they are easy to maintain and are sure to last.

But when you’ve decided to add them to your business selection, there are a few things you need to know about them and how individuals prefer them to be.

  • The faux tiny fiddle-leaf fig suits different décor and lifestyle better than the tree. Therefore, you should opt for the smaller versions rather than the bulky trees.
  • The bushy looking ones will still look as good as the spindly ones.
  • They are faux plants that can easily be mix-matched with other plants (even the living ones).
  • The faux fiddle-leaf overgrown houseplant version is better suited for outdoor purposes. So, you can get them for buyers who need them for exterior decoration.

Take a note of all these, and then you can get the basic idea of what type and size to add to your inventory.

2. Faux fern

Real ferns make perfect houseplants. But just like real fiddle-leaf fig, real ferns require a lot of attention and time. They are also very prone to discoloration, which is why many plant lovers shy away from the idea of owning one. But you couldn’t be any wiser with the faux models. They require neither your time nor your attention. So, I’m pretty sure your buyers will find them very attractive.

A beautiful and unique thing about faux ferns is that they could also come in the form of artificial trees. However, the trendiest ones are the smaller versions. Also, they could come in pots or hanging baskets. This makes it easier to work it through any décor lifestyle.

I particularly like the silk ferns in hanging baskets. You could leave them hanging through ceilings, which brings the outdoors inside. I love it this way, and I wouldn’t be wrong to say that it may also be the reason why buyers love it too. Therefore, do not neglect these silk ferns when buying from the suppliers. You could also get them in large and small models. And according to a basic review, the silk ferns look incredibly life-like and long-lasting.

3. Faux Monstera

Who wouldn’t love a potted Monstera Deliciosa? I doubt such a person would have an excuse. In short, Monstera is one of the most found houseplants in homes and offices. But the real deal is that not all are real. Some are FAUX! But who cares? No one!

Faux Monstera is a perfect excuse for those who know nothing about planting, pruning, or watering plants. When it is made appropriately with the right materials and design, it is almost impossible to tell a real one from the faux without close inspection.

Meanwhile, since the faux Monstera seems to be a hot deal, there are a few things that make every one of them worth it. You need to ensure that the ones you patronize have these features that make them life-like.

  • The leaf should be made from real touched Poly-Ethylene (PE) fabric.
  • The leaves should have small holes in them like the real ones, which depict the nickname- Swiss cheese.
  • The leaf should also be green colored and glossy.
  • The stem should be bendable, flexible, and adjustable so it can be arranged into whatever shape.
  • The stem should be colored with spray workers. This way, it will look less artificial and detectible.

So, ensure that the faux Monstera you buy is ideally constructed with these basic features that make them true to life. By so doing, you’re sure that they get sold out as easily as they should.

4. Faux Cactus

Generally, we all know that a cactus plant is requires little maintenance. They are easy to take care of. But the faux ones require zero maintenance. That’s why we love them! As cute as they are in little decorative pots, they remain that way for a very long period.  There are many options available that capture these fake cacti in a new and colorful light,

Also, different planter options can add a little difference to your interior or exterior decoration. Some of the planter options are clay, concrete, or sand. With them, the faux cactus could look less rubber-like and more like the real counterparts.

5. Faux lemon tree

OMG! I never thought I would ever include this plant in this review, but I DID! Back in the days, I always saw them as too fake. Like why don’t you try something less obvious? Now I know. Do you know how complicated it is to maintain and grow a lemon tree? It is challenging. That’s why it is scarce to find them around. No matter how beautiful it is, it’s too time-consuming. But with the faux ones, you don’t have to experience that.

Artificial lemon trees can come in different styles, and they are all very suitable for summer decoration. Some styles include lemon ball topiary and Meyer lemon tree. Lemon trees that are as bright as summer are more patronized during the sunny season, so you need to know the appropriate time to purchase them in bulk. You need to study your target environment and market to know the time and season it is needed.

To get a top-quality one, get one made with PVC, Poly-ethylene, metal wire, and other materials. Ensure that the rubber lemon fruit isn’t too artificial to give away its identity at first sight.

6. Faux Olive tree

This faux olive tree has been a significant competition to the fiddle-leaf fig tree in the interior design industry. They are symbolic spiritual accessories that are said to promote peace and tranquility. People believe it is a good object to create Feng Shui in their rooms. So it is very understandable why it is among the trendiest artificial plants today. The real ones are tough to grow, especially in a non-Mediterranean climate. That’s why we all go faux.

Since you know that olive trees cannot grow in such regions, you should choose those people in the areas as your target market. That would be a better idea.

7. Faux boxwood topiary

Framing the doors of entrances with topiaries is indeed a stylish and elegant décor idea. That is probably the reason why artificial boxwood topiaries are always sold out in the market. They are easy to maintain and do not overgrow the initial shape. So, could any buyer ever go wrong with them? I doubt!

I am pretty sure that even if your buyers know nothing about these plants, they will welcome these artificial plant trends with open arms. Besides, there are other types available, but you should not ignore these on this list from your bulk order.

It’s a wrap!

I hope this post has been beneficial to you and your business. I still have additional advice for you; ensure you study your market. Yes, in the know, all these plants in this post are trendy. But it would be wiser for you to try to study what buyers in your region would prefer. By so doing, you are sure that you aren’t buying and stocking up on unwanted inventory.

I hope you had a nice time reading this. I would love to entertain your questions and suggestions. Read more of my posts to know more about buying and reselling artificial plants.

Good luck and have a successful business!

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