Artificial Indoor Plants

As a specialized artificial plants manufacturer, Feel Real Artificial supplies all kinds of artificial plants, including outdoor artificial plant & indoor artificial plant of all purposes, to private label artificial plant brands.

All our artificial plants are fully customizable in styles, materials & functions to help you meet the diverse market needs.

Want To View Artificial Indoor Plants In More Styles?

Enhance Customer Application Experience

Every plant is well-designed to give your customers the best user experience.


Real touched Fabric

Every plant is well-designed to give your customers the best user experience.

style-simulation-of-Qin-Ye-Rong-fake-tree-living-room-floor-decoration-simulation-of-green-plant.jpg_q50 (2)

Non-shedding Leaf

 The Leaves built against shedding by securing firmly to the stem tip with premium adhesive.


Realistic Trunk

Natural fumigated wooden trunks. Stylish PU trunks. Hand crafted to ‘Feel & Looks’ like live plants

Manufacturers-selling-artificial-plants-Nordic-INS-wind-off-big-pot-green-plant-rubber-trees.jpg_q50 (4)

 Flexible MOQ

With a full range of components. The custom order quantity is lower.

Cost-effective Private Label artificial plants

Our wide range of faux plant products means that we’ve got you covered no matter what your tastes are. Whether you’re looking for amazing above industry-standard plants or one-of-a-kind artificial plants, your search ends when you meet us.

Over the years, we have built a solid supply chain & agile production infrastructure that enables us to provide you with cost-effective yet unique private label artificial plants.

We’ll handle it all for you; from design to material selection, plant customization, logo printing, and finally bespoke packaging, you’ll get products that will impress both your customers and market.

From material selection, brush shape customization, and handle design to logo printing and even bespoke packaging, we can help you create custom lines of cosmetic brushes to satisfy your market.


Looking For Private Label Artificial Plants To Enrich Your Products Line?

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Feel Real is a professional artificial plant manufacturer providing custom plants for home and garden brands.

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