China is by far one of the most sought countries in terms of wholesale and importation businesses. The case is similar in artificial plants, and therefore, you can decide to import artificial plants in bulk for resale in your region. That’s a fabulous idea. And if you have already decided to do that, this brief post will help you. It contains information on the appropriate steps involved in buying wholesale artificial plants from factories in China.

So, below are the necessary steps to take when you want to import artificial plants in bulk from China factories;

1. Prepare a budget and room for inventories.

If you plan to buy wholesale artificial plants, your budget and storage space must fit the bill. The estimated budget must be ideal for the quantity of the goods and should be able to keep your business moving for a while before you decide to import more products. And this would mean you will need a sizeable room to store your inventory. These essential requirements are the first two factors to consider before you begin your hunt for factories and suppliers.

2. Source for wholesale factories in China

You can source for many factories on your own. You can choose to do that online or offline. Online methods include through the internet like e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress, Google, or Social Networking Services (SNS). With just one click, you could find a lot more than you expect.

If you don’t find it comfortable doing business with people you’ve never met before and wish to meet them in person, you can choose the offline way. And that is traveling directly to China to find factories that produce artificial plants. It may not be the most comfortable and most convenient, but it assures you of safety.  Hiring a sourcing agent is also a good idea.

3. Do your research on the factories.

After sourcing and making a list of the factories you came across, you can then go ahead to do your in-depth research. This research will consist of superficial features that can speak for or against the factory. You might not be able to get much information till you communicate directly with them, but you can get FEEDBACK! That is from past customers and is undoubtedly something that acts as a guarantee of trust.

4. Sending inquiries to the eligible ones and choosing the most suitable

After proper research and review, you should be left with a list of those that seem like the ideal ones. In that list, it is time to approach them and find out more. You can contact them through an email or phone address. When you get through to them, ask relevant questions. You should find out the type of materials they use in producing their artificial plants, the costs of production, potting, and shipping. Ensure they are all suitable, then go ahead to choose the one best suited to your preferences.

5. Placing your order

The obvious step after selecting the best is to place your order. Place your orders based on what the company offers and ensure you can meet up with their MOQ. After that, wait for your goods to get to you.

This is just a highlight of what it takes to buy wholesale artificial plants from factories in China. I hope it proves helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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