Are you looking for the trendiest artificial plants you should purchase for your business? Are you seeking to know what the target market wants to purchase from you? Want to get the artificial plants bulk inventory that would sell quickly? Well then, you can find out more in this post!

Many home and office owners find it very aesthetic and relaxing to have at least a potted plant in the room. Most of the time, they are not really into caring for real ones. These real ones are a hassle, especially for busy people or those without green thumbs. So, they prefer to opt for the human-made versions to satisfy this want. But the big deal as an artificial plant wholesaler or distributor is to know the type of faux plants people are willing to buy. So, I have compiled a list of the top trendy artificial plants that you need to add to your inventory.

  1. Faux fiddle-leaf fig tree; we all know how picky the real ones are. Although they are adorable and attractive, the care requirements ward us off. That is why we all love the faux model. They aren’t finicky and are sure to last long. Instead of getting the tree version in bulk, mix it with the tiny fig as these are easier to blend into different lifestyles.  
  2. Faux fern; real ferns are also tough to care for. They require your time and attention. Despite being a lovable plant, people try to avoid it. But the wiser version is the silk one. I guess that’s why buyers patronize this plant more often.
  3. Faux Monstera; are more prominent in homes and offices than other artificial plants. They are easy to fit in and are equally made with the right proportion of life-like features that make them trendy.
  4. Faux cactus; real cactus are sun lovers that require little attention. But the fake version requires no attention. They are almost everlasting. So, it would be better to include them in your inventory as they are the in-thing.
  5. Faux olive tree; since people that don’t live in a Mediterranean climate cannot maintain and grow a real olive tree; they prefer to go faux. Your target should be the buyers in these regions as they will be willing to buy faux ones since it is believed to have exceptional spiritual benefits.
  6.  Artificial boxwood topiary; these tall standing artificial plants are easy to maintain. They are mostly used as décor items for doors and entrances. The faux models are readily available in both pots and decorative baskets.

I know there are other artificial plants available for purchase with the suppliers. But, here’s a big deal; you need to study your market and environment. Although these are considered the trendiest, they may not be so in your region. So, go through a market survey and review. Also, ensure you purchase the bulk from the right suppliers. Do well to buy high-quality plants so you don’t ruin your brand.

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