Find out the top tips to purchasing hot selling artificial plants from suppliers! 


Oh hey! It’s another importation class! But guess what, importing artificial plants isn’t just about ordering a bulk of inventories and stocking them up until they are dead (no pun intended). It’s a lot more than that. It’s more important to get what your target market is willing to buy from you.  Otherwise, you end up getting the load of products that’s won’t sell out. And for this reason, you need to study the market needs and choices. That’s very important!

There are various species of artificial plants and vertical gardens, which you can always get from many suppliers. However, you shouldn’t be too focused on getting them all, but you should pay attention to getting the HOT SELLING artificial plants. But, there are still some factors that will come to play when you’re making your choice. You will need to chew over these steps to make the best choices. Could you do that? They are; 

  • Choosing the best quality of the faux plants 
  • Knowing the purpose and placements of the plants. 

After considering these factors while drafting your import strategy, you should get the plants for hot sales. 

PS: I will add specific examples in between points to make this more exciting and easy to comprehend. These will be highlighted in bold texts so you can get pin-point them easily. 

How to choose the best quality artificial plants from suppliers

So that you know, there are various types of suppliers you can make your order from. In that order, you will also need to have it at the back of your mind that each of them will supply artificial plants of distinct qualities. This, therefore, means that it lies in your hands to point out the best ones that will be on the hot sale of your business. 

It’s a myth that the factories will provide the best quality while the trading companies or sourcing agents will provide defective products. That would all depend on the production process and the materials employed in the manufacturing. 

To know the best products that could easily be pointed out as hot selling, you need to consider these; 

The material 

Artificial plants and greenery can be made from several different materials. Some of them include plastic, silk, polyester, paper, cotton, and even foam. Silk and plastic plants seem to be the most popular and trendy options since they will look good in almost any faux plant species. Hence, they are the best type of material for fake plants. They are usually held together by wire and glue, and sometimes, foams can be used as filling to make them more life-like. 

However, although this silk has been the best for a long time as they are easy to bend and reform, the major downside is that it can form fraying edges over time and sometimes get discolored. (Newer technology incorporates UV resistance to counter this effect, YAY!)

In addition to that, plastic could be a good substitute in cases where silk isn’t used. They are mainly used as the stems, leaves, seeds, or even berries of the faux plants. But unlike silk, they are harder to bend or reform. 


 Artificial plants and greenery can come in various sizes. They could include potted plants for counters, shelves, tables, door side, window panes, or wall hangings. The position it is to be placed will determine the size and species of the artificial plants. On counters and shelves, mini succulents are hot selling and are the top deal. They are primarily manufactured in several groupings, which the user can choose to display together or individually. Ensure that your supplier provides them accordingly. 

Other hot selling artificial plants in terms of sizes include houseplants such as the faux spider plants, ferns, Monstera, Fiscus bush, Olive tree, and many others. These are the primary plants that keep topping the charts in terms of purchases. This means you need to add them to your inventory at all costs. They could come in different sizes, from being 2 to 6 feet tall. Some could also come in hanging options. So, dear, you need them in different sizes and styles to have that which could suit different interior décor needs. 

Plant asymmetry 

There shouldn’t be much difference between the natural plant and the faux counterpart. Like the real plants available naturally, they aren’t perfect in all corners and angles. They usually have varying asymmetry with some twists and leaf distribution. As well, the faux plant should be designed in such a manner. 

To ensure that you are ordering the right plants that will sell off quickly, you need to watch the asymmetry and shy away from too perfect-looking plants. The different shapes and leaf placement is what make all plants unique accordingly. 

Although some plants come in options that permit trimming and shaping, it would be best you sell those that come in the proper symmetry as not all buyers will have the patience to groom it into what they like. So, go for the right asymmetry to add to the hot-selling scale! 

The texture of the plant 

The texture of the plant, both natural and faux plants, needs to have a realistic design. Each one has a unique feature that can be used to connote the dissimilarities between each of them. The leaf pattern is one feature that is the most useful in differentiating. From the leaf color, vein patterns, or even the shape, many differences can be noticed. During molding, these features will need to be imprinted on the faux versions replicating the real ones. 

Using the Monstera Deliciosa as a typical example, the leaf has many unique features. From the color, which is glossy and dark green, to the shape, which is huge and bold. Also, a very significant detail about the leaf is the large holes that appear on them as a maturity sign. This gives it the nickname of the Swiss-cheese plant. Do you finally get the picture I’m trying to paint? 

If you’re going to get an artificial plant from a supplier, ensure it entails realistic details and texture compared with the living ones. Many buyers tend to look like this because they need something that seems as true to life as the real ones. Otherwise, it doesn’t serve the primary purpose of being a replica and replacement of the natural plants. That’s good enough.

Plant accessories 

When you buy faux plants or greenery from the suppliers, they are either sold in two main ways. They are either in potted versions or in a temporary nursery pot. The potted ones consist of the faux plant being glued to the vessel to keep in place. But those in the standard nursery vessels can be trans-potted. The buyers are given the option of choosing a better accessory to suit their design taste. 

So when importing quality plants from your supplier, you will need to consider what type of potting structures your buyers seek. They will most likely choose the potted versions for indoor decoration of homes and offices. That has been a hot-selling trend for a while. So, research these trends and find out what can move your market precisely. 

Now that we’ve discussed a lot on how to spot the best quality of the hot-selling artificial plants from suppliers, we can go onto something just as important. Let’s jump into knowing how the placements and purpose of these plants can affect their hot-sale

Knowing the placements and purposes of the artificial plants 

Every buyer will buy an artificial plant depending on the purpose and placement they intend to use it. Artificial plants can be used for a variety of purposes, just like living ones. They could be;

  • Indoor decoration plants 
  • Outdoor decoration plants 
  • Wedding decoration plants 

Indoor decoration plants 

These plants are made to be used for interior decoration. They are usually the faux version of houseplants, and they can come in various designs and different accessories. They have miniature versions that could be used as a counter, shelves, and tabletop décor items. Some could also come in huge sizes that could be placed at stairways or entrances. There are even hanging versions that could be used as wall hangings. An excellent trick you could suggest to your buyers is to mix-match the faux plants with living ones for a more realistic outcome. 

Hot-selling indoor artificial plants you need to add to your inventory could include; 

  • Faux lipstick plant
  • Faux Ficus Alli 
  • Faux Spider plant 
  • Faux Monstera Deliciosa 
  • Faux Red Prayer Plant 
  • Faux Ficus Bonsai Tree 
  • Faux Pothos 
  • Faux Fiddle-Leaf fig 
  • Faux Cactus 
  • Faux Snake plant 
  • Faux Lavender 

All these and a few more include some of the hot-selling indoor artificial plants you need to add to your cart. 

Outdoor decoration plants 

A very significant feature that most modern technology outdoor artificial plant includes is the UV-resistant feature. This prevents it from degrading and getting discolored by the sun. Since they will need to be placed outside, they will inevitably contact the sun, which could be harmful. They are usually large trees in big pots that stand about six-feet tall. They could also come in the form of vertical gardens that are attached to the wall for decoration. 

Some trendy hot-selling artificial outdoor decoration plants include;

  • Faux palm tree
  • Faux boxwood spiral topiary 
  • Faux Cycas tree
  • Faux cedar pine tree 
  • Artificial bamboo tree
  • Artificial Areca palm 
  • Faux Banana tree 

Wedding decoration plants 

Weddings are the most famous places to find all sorts of bright-looking artificial plants. This trend will never fade, and the need for more artificial plants or the adornment of wedding halls and entrances will keep increasing. You need to add the most needed artificial plants that are mainly used for the decoration of your bulk of goods. 

Here are some of the trendiest wedding artificial plants you could always include; 

  • Faux cactus 
  • Faux succulents 
  • Artificial ferns 
  • Faux jasmine 


Now we’re wrapping up! 

As I mentioned, it’s one thing to place a bulk order of artificial plants, and it’s another to provide your market with what they are willing to buy. From this article, I have offered you the basic terms in spotting the hot-selling artificial plants that buyers will be ready to get. And just because I’m super friendly and helpful (you’d agree with that, right?), I also went the extra mile of adding the list of many artificial plants on the hot-sale. (I did all that after deep research). 

I hope you were able to comprehend all this diverse info in this IMPORT 101 class today. Thanks for reading! Have a blissful business experience! 


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