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 There is no mention of ever-trending artificial plants without the naming of artificial Bonsai trees. I doubt that this plant will ever go into extinction any time soon. Meanwhile, we appreciate them as long as they last. And as business owners that intend to deal in artificial plant varieties, the artificial Bonsai tree should never be found missing among your inventories. They should be in BULK as they are always on the hot sales. 

While having that in mind, you also need to know that artificial Bonsai plants vary in species and shapes that will meet the tastes of different buyers. This may seem like an actual load of work, but it just deals with knowing what your market wants from you. Trust me on this; they are a great deal of good to every seller. But, you might wonder, why do buyers want this plant type in particular? Could they not just opt for something else in the market? Is it all that amazing? Well, that’s for them to decide, but from basic research and my perspective, I have compiled several reasons why artificial Bonsai trees are a hot selling option. Let’s take a look at that!  

Why Artificial Bonsai Trees? 

Not many individuals, especially those who have come across many artificial plants, will find this species very interesting. However, there are specific reasons why the artificial Bonsai plants remain a top-of-the-chart plant. This should probably be the reason why the buyers seem so attracted to them. And as sellers of diverse plants, you should be able to identify the reasons for preferences. You could do this not just to satisfy your buyers but also to convince potential buyers to get them. Win-Win case! 

  1. They could make the perfect gift items with little to no maintenance. 

One unique thing about artificial Bonsai plants is that they can be used as gift items for friends and families. From history and philosophy, it is said that the symbol of the tree stands for harmony between humanity and nature. Wow! They are also said to bring good luck to the person who has the plant in possession.

This is, therefore, the significant reason why buyers will agree with the idea of using it as a gift item. So, rather than just gifting the recipient with many flowers that would require a lot of maintenance, you could opt for a potted version of the artificial Bonsai trees. Giving a person real flowers may be risky because various flowers can trigger allergies in humans and pets. However, fake plants have very low risks of triggering such allergies. 

As the seller of this plant, you could suggest to your buyers by describing this reason to them. Either those buyers buy in bulk or single pieces, this could be an excellent reason to purchase the plant. 

  1. They can be used and placed anywhere. 

Another top advantage that attracts buyers to get this artificial plant is the versatility of its purpose. And for this reason, it will remain a hot selling plant for quite a long time from now. The artificial Bonsai trees can be used anywhere; offices, homes, porches, etc. They could also be placed anywhere; tabletops, countertops, windowsills, indoor, outdoor, entrances, etc. 

This makes it easier to incorporate them in any décor design and style. As a seller, you can discuss this advantage with those who plan to supply artificial plants. This means that it’s no myth but a reality that the Bonsai Trees are one of the most flexible trees there ever is. 

  1. They can be decorated to be Christmas Trees. 

Christmas! That’s the season when the need for artificial trees is on the high side and target. (Pro-tip: you need to get them in sizable quantities). However, the choice of the best artificial tree to buy will be the topic. Artificial Bonsai trees are a very fantastic choice of trees to be decorated as Christmas trees. They are robust and not fragile, which means they will carry all the bells and lights used in the decoration. 

Unlike the real Bonsai trees, the faux ones are easier to dress up, and they won’t wear out. They can be used repeatedly for many years as long as it is stored very well. Also, as a Christmas tradition, they can be used as gifts after being decorated. 

Buyers will seek this plant during this season. It becomes your responsibility as the wholesaler or retailer to provide high-quality versions of various sizes. You can also recommend this to buyers who haven’t chosen plants yet. 

  1. There is a wide range of species available. 

The real world of living Bonsai has various species and occurrences of the tree available. Each one of the species has its unique characteristics, features, advantages, and pitfalls. However, this diversity is what makes the world of Bonsai an interesting and fascinating one. Like the real world, the artificial, which is a replica, should most definitely be the same. From various suppliers, I have come across different species. 

High-quality artificial Bonsai trees should also maintain all positive characteristics and keep the range of options open. Purchasing one of them with the large trunks should be cheaper than getting a living one. This is a factor that you should include and consider when adding the plants to your collection. 

  1.  They are reminiscent of Asian Culture. 

It is no longer a new trait that Asian symbols are mostly considered during decoration. Many Asian philosophies play a big part in the general décor concept in the world today. The Bonsai trees, notwithstanding, are also part of this evocative trend. It is said that decorating with Bonsai (artificial or natural) is attributed to the Asian culture, specifically the Japanese. It is also a way of inputting the simple, elegant, premium, yet traditional look in a room. Plus, it is also a symbol that matches Feng Shui, in uniting harmony and peace. 

Now, you as an importer, supplier, wholesaler, or retailer of artificial plants and trees must’ve understood why the artificial Bonsai trees are hot selling plants; there is still more. You will need help with where to buy the plant. So, here’s a quick tip summary for you! Take a look! 

Where to find suppliers of artificial Bonsai trees 

Sourcing for artificial Bonsai trees suppliers is similar to that of the fake plants in general. It is most likely that the artificial plants’ suppliers will have the Bonsai trees of different species, including the apple Bonsai, bamboo Bonsai, and others. But the deal is, where can you find them? 

You can find them through online and offline means. However, in China in general, you can find suppliers, who are manufacturers, trading companies, or sourcing companies. You can choose to purchase from any of them. The choice is all yours to make. Here are sources to find artificial Bonsai trees. 

  • Ecommerce platforms

There are many wholesale websites where you could find suppliers of artificial Bonsai trees. Most of these wholesale platforms will be owned and managed by a Chinese organization. This is a good point because China is one of the best places to get high-quality artificial plants. Some of them include Alibaba, Made in China, DH-gate, etc. Many companies and suppliers will own marketplaces where you could quickly check their collection and place an order of what you want in specific quantities. The prices will differ from supplier to supplier. 

  • Social Media platforms 

It isn’t one of the easiest, but it is functional. You could come across ads of companies who sell artificial plants on SNS. They will usually pop out as to related searches. Examples of such platforms could be LinkedIn and FaceBook. This is not the most natural means as there are no guided means to verify the companies’ authenticity. 

  • Search engines 

Popular search engines like Google can be utilized to find ideal suppliers of artificial Bonsai trees. With just a single click on the search tag, hundreds of different suppliers can be provided. It then becomes your responsibility to verify how legit they are. Meanwhile, this is the easiest method. And note that the search engines might link you up with suppliers on Ecommerce platforms. 

  • Trade shows and fairs 

This is an offline means of finding suppliers. You could choose to visit China directly to find them on your own. It isn’t cost-effective, but it guarantees that you know the people you are dealing with. Visiting the industrial clusters where artificial plant suppliers reside could be the best option. 

Other methods to find reliable suppliers could be hiring source agents who could handle all procedures for you from sourcing to shipment. You can find sourcing agents on some freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. 

Final Thoughts

With all that has been discussed, you can see that choosing to include the hot selling artificial Bonsai trees couldn’t be the worst option. However, it’s now up to you to move your market. Your sales strategy, marketing, distribution, and pricing ensure that you make the most reasonable decisions. That would be for the best. 

Good luck with your sales! 

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