Read the authentic guide to buying wholesale artificial outdoor plants! 


Do you love a vibrant exterior decoration but still need to keep it low-maintenance? Do you intend to buy wholesale artificial outdoor plants from China, online or in person? Well, you should read this real guide as it has a detailed knowledge of what you need to know to run things successfully and safely! 

The rush and need to keep our gardens pleasant is HIGH! Everyone wants a welcoming sight, and as artificial plant dealers, these artificial outdoor plants of different types must be in stock as they are HOT-SELLING! Meanwhile, getting a hold of high-quality products could be challenging. You need to know what to look out for in them. A little expert guidance from me could help. 

This post discusses the most important tips when choosing the best artificial outdoor artificial plants from your suppliers. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself. And when doing that, you also need to consider the opinion of your buyers. You know, your buyers’ choice will determine the influx of your sales. So, join me on this ride to find out more. 

Tips for choosing the best artificial outdoor plants for your business 

When buying bulk outdoor plants from a supplier, you tend to forget some of the most important factors to consider. You might tend to focus more on the obvious, including meeting up with MOQs and finding the best prices. However, it is essential to know that there are other significant points to look out for to choose the best faux outdoor plants. 

Here, I have compiled some critical things to look out for in the most easy-to-understand way. I will also be making some easy comparisons in a question-like manner. BUT, I will discuss all points by answering the following questions;

  1. What is the best type of material for faux outdoor plants? 
  2. What relevant features should the plants possess?
  3. What are the best artificial trees for outdoor? 
  4. Where can you get these plants in bulk online? 
  1. What is the best type of material for the faux outdoor plant? 

In recent times, artificial plants should have a realistic texture, color, and details to mimic natural plants easily. The type of material used will determine how well it can carry out that task. There are four main classes of materials that faux plants, in general, can be made of. They include Plastic, Polyester, and silk/fabrics. But what material should you invest in?

You could consider the main two types when buying for resale are the Plastic or fabric/silk plants. They are those that are commonly sought in the modern market as they create the best realistic value. However, which is better? 


Thank Goodness for advancement! Back then, artificial plants were a no-go, but today we have seen tremendous improvements in the plants’ realistic designs. Now, faux plants can boast of having at least 50% of living plants’ real nature. However, there seems to be a debate about the durability of plastic and fabric plants, which is better for modern outdoor faux plants. I’ll help you out; 

Plastic plants provide a great deal of realism, and we know that. They are also the most commonly found faux plants on the market. They are undoubtedly realistic, and some are even made using the molds of living plants to create something just as similar. Others are also filled up with foams to create an ultra-realistic high-quality texture. 

A major plus to plastic plants is that most real plants used for home décor almost look Plastic. Examples include the succulents and Aloe-Vera. They have a plastic exterior. This makes it even more challenging to determine which is real or a replica. 

Silk/Fabric Plants are a better choice for faux flowers than plastic plants. They are cheaper but are more prone to wear and tear than plastics. I wouldn’t recommend them for outdoor plants, although they could fit in for artificial houseplants. But if you want them to last longer, you will need to spend more money to make them ultra-realistic. Also, prepare to spend more time on maintenance. 

My Verdict for the best type of material for faux outdoor plants is Plastic. They are easier to maintain, look more realistic, don’t wear out quickly, and last longer. So, pick the plastic plants when ordering faux plants for outdoor decoration for resale. Ensure you make it clear to your supplier when placing your order. 

  1. What relevant features should the plants possess? 

Faux outdoor plants are delicate. Exposure to sunlight, wind, and other weather elements could make them wear out faster than indoor plants will. That is why technology has come up with specific features that could be added to the design to make it withstand harsh conditions. 

When choosing artificial plants from suppliers, endure they provide certifications that the plants are Water resistant, UV Resistant, or UV infused.  

  1. Water-Resistant 

Water-resistant plants don’t mean the plants will be protected from the sun’s harsh impact but simply from rain and snow. They are usually plastic material (which is the best) that can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures with rain and snow. 

But, being water-resistant isn’t enough to protect the plants. They could wear out within a year without UV protection. So it is always more durable when they are UV treated coupled with the water resistance.

  1. UV resistant or UV treated. 

UV treated plants are those faux plants sprayed with UV-resistant coatings after the primary production process is over. They are sprayed before the plants are sold to distributors. Treating a plant with UV-resistant coating will prevent it from fading away quickly. It will also prevent the plants from the direct impact of high-intensity sunlight. But, they are usually not as effective as those that are UV-infused. They could add a couple of years to the plant’s lifespan, but they would wear out eventually. 

  1. UV Infused 

UV infused faux plants are those that have UV resistant chemicals and protectants embedded in their design during the production process. Rather than being sprayed with these resistant chemicals, they are injected into the poly plastic molds during manufacturing. 

This type is the most durable method to keep artificial outdoor plants looking lush and fresh for the longest time you need. By far, reports have been received that they last more than five years without fading away even under the harshest of UV rays. So, if you want to provide high quality that would help your customers save money over time, this is the best option. 

My Verdict for the best type of outdoor plant feature remains the UV-infused artificial plants for outdoor decoration. Do well to ask your supplier if what they are providing is indeed UV infused. You could also ask for proof and certification in this order. 

  1. What are the best artificial plants for outdoors? 

After you’ve ensured that the plants your manufacturer or supplier provides you with are UV resistant or Water-resistant, you can go ahead to pick the types you want. You shouldn’t just choose any sort, but you need so something that sells quickly. 

For outdoor plants, the best types you can opt for are artificial trees. They make better statements than the flowering plants and others. Here is a quick list identifying them for you, 

Examples of hot selling artificial outdoor trees include; 

  • Faux bushy Ficus trees
  • Fake Bamboo trees; Japanese Bamboo tree
  • Faux Monstera 
  • Faux Olive tree 
  • Artificial  Palm tree (Fern palm trees, Areca palm, Coconut palm, Kentia Palm, Fan Palms, Hawaii palm) 
  • Faux Fiddle leaf fig tree 
  • Faux Cypress Pine tree 
  • Faux split leaf philodendron 

Apart from artificial trees, you could also get faux bushes as they are also very suitable for outdoor spaces. Some of the best include; 

  • Faux ferns in a pot 
  • Artificial lily plant 
  • Buxus plants in a pot 
  • Faux Agave plants 
  • Faux Aloe Vera plants 
  1. Where can you get these plants in bulk online? 

Even though you could deal with Chinese suppliers online, which is one of the surest methods to get high-quality plants, there are other means. There are online marketplaces where you could get a hold of outdoor plants for decoration. 

Meanwhile, the verification stage is more tedious. You aren’t dealing directly with the factories, so you need to research the specific features yourself not to get cheated thoroughly. You need to read the reviews! Past customer feedback could do a lot of good. 

Some of these online platforms include: 

Final thoughts! 

What do you think? Does this post have a lot of information to help you as an importer? I hope it does! However, it’s up to you to make the best decision you could. Remember that you rule your business and hence need to rule all its processes. Have your buyers’ interest at heart and do the right thing. 

Good luck choosing the best artificial plants for outdoor decoration! 



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