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Hey! Gotcha! You want your visitors to come into your sophisticated home and wonder how you manage to keep your house plants so lush. Meanwhile, you know that you are the worst at gardening and caring for natural plants. In reality, you could be given the title ‘plant murderer’! No offenses, ha-ha! However, it isn’t a big deal, neither is it a new thing for natural plants to be replaced with faux versions in home décor. And guess what! Fake plants over a lot of great reasons why they are preferred over the living ones.

It isn’t a myth that decorating your homes with living plants requires more precaution. You will need to consider the type of plant, suitable conditions like sunlight and shade, watering, trimming, etc. You need to be a green-thumbed human to carry specific exhausting tasks. Natural plants are generally challenging to incorporate in décor. But artificial plants are saviors! 

This easy post contains all the ins and outs of working with artificial plants for home decoration. I will also review and recommend some of the best faux plants you can include in your décor plan. Let’s take a look already!

Why choose artificial plants over natural plants for home decoration? 

More or less, artificial plants still stand out when compared to natural plants. Some of these advantages include; 

  • They’re easy to carter for 

Artificial plants are low maintenance and easy to look after. They do not require pruning, trimming, weeding, and watering. Just a light dusting or cleaning, depending on the material it is made of, is needed. Just that, and they remain lush and fresh, unlike natural plants. 

  • They survive in any weather condition. 

Unlike natural plants, they are not affected by positive or adverse environmental conditions. They will not thrive to survive without sunlight or rain. Fluctuations in humidity, temperature, or light will not affect their appearance. This is a tremendous advantage! You can choose to place them anywhere. This increases their versatility in design and décor ideas.  

  • They look very similar to natural plants. 

In recent times, it is “almost impossible to differentiate faux plants from natural plants. They look very similar with realistic features that make them blend into the natural environment. They even come in varying stem and leaves styles, shapes, colors, and feel like real plants. This makes them feel natural in your home. 

  • They don’t cause allergies. 

When decorating homes with natural plants, you need to consider the inhabitants of the house who are allergic to certain plants. They can stimulate or worsen allergies to humans and animals. Some may even cause nasal congestion. All these toxic effects do not relate to artificial plants. Faux plants are non-toxic and suitable anytime. 

  • They aren’t messy 

For someone who’s a neat freak like me, I’m sure you wouldn’t like to see your living area littered with fallen leaves and seeds. This is a common occurrence with natural plants. That’s why I opt for artificial plants for my home décor. 

Artificial plants are mess-free. You don’t have to be bothered about cleaning up after them. Their leaves will not fall off ever! 

  • They won’t grow and are always in season. 

 With artificial plants, say goodbye to seasonality! They will indeed look good all around the year’s clock with drying up with changes in season. When cleaned regularly, they will remain fresh. You also don’t have to be concerned about them getting bigger or outgrowing their pot which can ruin the décor plan. They don’t grow and will remain the exact size you got them. 

I could go on and on and on about why I choose artificial plants over natural plants for my home’s interior but let’s wrap that up and call it limited for this post. There are a lot of others that could apply to your décor plan. In versatility, they win the race! So, it would help if you got the idea. 

Now let’s get into the DECORATION blueprints! Grab your notes and chew these tips over with me! 

Artificial plants home décor tips and ideas! 

 You don’t need an expert at interior decoration to produce a fabulous home décor style using artificial plants and trees. You need a slight idea of some unique and trendy ways to incorporate them into every nook and cranny of dull spaces, not just any room in your home. Make your space pop with these strategic décor tips and ideas now! 

  1. Use artificial plants as centerpieces in living rooms 

Faux plants are available in various colors and designs, and they will do a great job in bringing life to your living room’s center table. A single potted faux plant placed appropriately will complement the room arrangement and look better than leaving the large piece of furniture empty. 

  1.  Decorate your home entrance 

When decorating our homes, we are likely to forget the entrance as we are distracted by what is ‘inside.’ The entrance to our home is one of the essential places we should pay attention to. It can set the mood, aura, and vibe of your home. 

You can place colorful pieces of faux plants and trees at the entrance to create a welcoming opening. This alone can beautify your whole house in the simplest of ways. Your visitors will surely be pleased! Try tall ferns or boxwood at the doorstep! 

  1. Strategically place them where they could grow if they weren’t artificial 

A good trick to make faux plants look living is to put them in places where they don’t give away that they are fake. Such sites may include spots with a ray of sunlight. It might seem too obvious, but it is sure better than placing them in dark areas where they would add little or no beauty to your home’s décor.   

  1. Combine them with natural plants 

Every décor inclined person knows this tip! Not only will faux plants look better when blended with natural plants, but they will also add another adventurous feeling to your décor plan. When selecting artificial plants for this, ensure you go for ones with realistically shaped leaves and stems. Otherwise, they won’t blend in easily. 

A typical example of this style is blending an actual bushy fern plant with a faux succulent plant or any other plant with trailing leaves and stems. You should try this too! 

  1. Place them in the corner of your dining room.

The dining room is one of the most available places in the home, and decorating it to feel more homely is not bad. You should create the best environment by filling up some empty spaces with lively artificial plants or trees that can bring life to the room. The sizable open table could use some fake plants in a small vase. Nothing over the top for an eating area is better. 

You could also use some hanging plants above the area if you are using a country or minimalistic home décor style. This should not only be more appealing but also helps you embrace ‘nature’ in places where you spend time with your family. 

  1.  Place in the corners of your living room 

Strategically putting artificial potted trees or plants in the corners of your living room can make the space more fascinating. You can place them behind the sofas, near the window, or on the TV stands. There are countless ways you can incorporate this décor idea into your living room space. 

  1. Use faux plants to hide wires and cords. 

The wires and cords of electrical appliances can create a messy appearance. Personally, it looks very unpleasant to me when they aren’t hidden inside the walls. In cases where it isn’t ideal to pass these wires through walls, you can come up with a clever way to hide them – like using faux potted trees and plants. 

  1. Don’t forget the bedroom! 

We’ve gone through various functional rooms in the home, and we shouldn’t leave the bedroom out of this! Creating an atmosphere of sophistication and balance is very important. Silk plants are better for softness. You could place them on your nightstands, dressing tables, and even the corners. They could make a considerable difference than leaving them bare. 

Care tips for your artificial plants home decoration 

Buying the artificial plant in the best quality isn’t the end. Neither is using them to decorate your home. You need to ensure they are correctly cleaned so they last longer and serve the intended purpose. Although they don’t have to be constantly looked after – which is one of their benefits; you still need them to look their best.  All you need to do is regularly ensure their leaves are wiped and cleaned to remove the dust and dirt. Easy Peasy? I know! 

 Real or faux, plants such as succulents with bold leaves cab are quickly dusted or wiped with a wet cloth to take the dust out of them. A dry piece of fabric can also be used for dabbing. But, it becomes more complex when the leaves are slimmer and irregular such as in ferns and bushy stems. For this, you will need a duster made of feathers or ropes. Otherwise, a ball of cotton swab or wool, brushes, or cotton buds would do the job. Note this is for faux plants in less muggy rooms. 

For artificial plants in places like kitchens or bathrooms which get grimmer due to high humidity, simply dusting might not be enough. You will need a spray of vinegar to get the stickiness out of them. After spraying them with the solution, let it sit for about 10 minutes. Afterward, wipe them off. This will make it easier to come off, leaving your plants fresh again. 

What are the best artificial plants for your home décor? 

There are various artificial plants of diverse species and colors you could get. The real question is, should I go big or small? Do you want an ambiance of an indoor jungle or just a touch of nature here and there? That would level your choices down to what you will need. 

Meanwhile, some trendy, hot-selling plants could look good in any style that you desire. Here is a review of some of these plants that are readily available in the market. Remember that I only give you the best!  

  1. Potted Aloe Vera 

Usually potted in a clay pot, Aloe Vera is one of the most common houseplants. They can fit into any room they are placed in. Being a form of succulent with flat tentacles which appear tall, they will serve better on counters, tall shelves, or side tables.  Adding a handful of sand into the pot could create a more realistic finish. They become almost impossible to detect as being faux. 

  1. Small succulents 

Either in-home or office, succulents are very easy to pop into an area. As small as they can be, they are pronounced. Place them on your TV stand, shelves, and side tables or as centerpieces in larger tables in your living room. In your home offices, you could place them on the bookshelves or desks. 

  1. Ferns 

I love leafy ferns! They are the total party favor! They will do a fantastic job wherever they are placed. However, I prefer them when they are blended with other plants to create an indoor jungle. It’s the height of the plant for me! 

  1. Hanging grasses 

To add height to a room, hanging grasses with bushy stems wouldn’t be a bad idea. You could add them to your indoor gardens to create a wild look. I prefer them in woven baskets and placed near shelves or attached to ceilings. Wild tendrils it is! 

  1. Monstera plant 

Personal favorite! Monstera Deliciosa, AKA Swiss Cheese Plant, is a versatile one. Place them indoors or outdoor; they would still do the job. You can place them at entrances or doorsteps. The unique holes and bold leaves will still stand out even when sighted from afar. 

What do you think? 

Go big or go small! You could never go wrong with artificial plants in home decoration. They will offer you a wide range of fresh ideas and create a suitable milieu in your home. So what do you think? Do you think you could give it a try? 

Do it and let me know about your wonderful experience! Ciao! 

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