Should you buy fire retardant artificial plants? Find out more today! 


Safety first! We should be more concerned about our safety than the beauty of our living or working space –literally! However, it might be understated that some artificial plants could expose or put us at risk of a fire hazard which is disastrous. I mean, they are plastics/silks; any fire could quickly spread through them. That is SAFE at all! That, therefore, means we need a solution to that risk, and that is the FIRE RETARDANT artificial plants!

Fire retardant artificial plants (otherwise named flame resistant) are such an enigma. Although they are slightly more expensive than the non-fire retardant plants, we usually advise choosing them for several reasons we will be talking about. Some blog posts have been very misleading regarding what these plants offer, but I’m here to clarify them for you. So, stay with me, and let’s get it done now! 

Why should I choose fire retardant artificial plants? 

Why do you need fire retardant artificial plants? That is indeed a reasonable and thoughtful question to ask. You might think, ‘but what about the other items in our homes and offices? Most of them aren’t fire retardants, and nothing happens to them!’ 

Well, you’re so correct, and I can’t argue with you. However, we need fire retardants over others because they guarantee safety. They can prevent SEVERE fire hazards from happening, and that is definitely a good thing. 

Here are some reasons why you need to choose fire retardant artificial plants and trees when choosing what to purchase from the factories or what to get for personal use;   

Fire retardant foliage meets fire regulations and laws. 

Each state in different countries has various laws and regulations regarding fire hazards and the safety of inhabitants. Before buying any plastic plant, you need to find out the fire regulations of your state from your local fire marshal office. You also need to check the building codes of your state. With fire retardant artificial plants, you wouldn’t have to bother about meeting up or breaking these laws as they put you on the safe side. 

In the process of proving that it does meet up with these rules, you will need to have a copy of the certificates proving that the artificial foliage in your home or office building is indeed flame resistant. You can get that from your suppliers, and you can also provide your direct buyers with a copy. 

They are a safer decoration option.

Are you an interior decorator or event planner? Then you need to ensure that your event or décor work is safe for people. As earlier mentioned, some states have rules that state that the foliage shouldn’t contribute to a fire outbreak. 

For instance, there will be candles and lanterns at a Christmas dinner table, and of course –artificial plants. These plants will need to be fire retardant so as not to cause a hazard. If there happens to be any form of disaster, the plan shouldn’t condone the spread of the fire. Otherwise, we say goodbye to the event and the FOOD! By Christmas! NOOOOOO! 

Safer for workplaces 

It isn’t a bad idea to want your workspace to look sophisticated and neat. But, here’s the BUT –you shouldn’t do so while putting the safety of your workers and customers at risk.  You can use artificial plants and trees to brighten up the office room and lobbies to create a comfortable ambiance. But, the first thing should be safety. Artificial plants with fire retardant chemicals will do it better. They will offer you protection and beauty too! 

 They are easy to maintain 

 Just like the regular artificial plants, flame-resistant ones are also straightforward to maintain. They don’t require you to prune, trim, water, and all that stress. They remain fresh and glossy for a long time and all around the seasons. They don’t need irrigation systems in the landscaping too. That super easy! 

With more advantages and benefits like having no carbon footprints and allergic reactions, fire retardant artificial plants are definitely the game-changers. 

Meanwhile, you need to know that there are different types of fire retardant plants, and they all have their pros and cons. Here; 

What are the types of fire retardant artificial foliage? 

Fire retardant artificial plants are classified based on the way they are made resistant. They could be surface treated or inherently treated. And guess what?! They are both available on the market. So it’s left to know the one you are buying from your manufacturer or supplier. 

Those that are inherently treated are those made with fabrics and materials impregnated with flame retardant chemicals. This is done before the plant is molded or during the manufacturing process. This is considered the best way to make artificial plants retardant as they prevent the sticky films that form on the surface of the leaves. They will have to be tested to BS5852, and your factory or supplier should be able to provide a certificate for them. Such artificial plants are referred to as Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR).  

Being IFR doesn’t imply that the plant becomes fireproof; rather, it will resist ignition. If a lighter or a match is help up against it (though playing such things isn’t an excellent idea, don’t try it!), it will just smoke and blacken. But under extreme fire, it will eventually melt after catching the light. 

Moreover, those that are surface treated (called topically treated fire retardant artificial plants) are either dipped or sprayed with retardant chemicals. This isn’t as effective as impregnating them with the solution, but it should do the trick too. However, the end product of the process will have a greasy finish which will attract dust particles. Another con to this type is that they cannot be certified as there isn’t a reasonable guarantee that the plant has been treated evenly. 

How to choose the right fire-rated artificial plant 

Are you an importer, wholesaler, retailer, or just a buyer? The responsibility of buying the right quality artificial plants will fall on you. Yes! That’s right! By doing so, every link in the distribution change has the right products at all times. But how do you go about this? 

The first step is definitely preparing a reasonable budget regardless of how many you are willing to buy. If you’re buying for a workplace or buying directly from a factory, you should prepare your budget appropriately. As I earlier stated, they are obviously more expensive. 

Then, you’ll need to focus more on where you intend to buy these plants. For importers, I recommend buying from China directly. You will be able to get them at better prices and quality. However, you will have the added duty of searching for a reliable supplier; or a sourcing agent can handle that. Whichever way, you’re good to go. 

Choosing the suitable species or design should be according to your instincts. There are many variants ranging from succulents, boxwood, ferns, and so many others. They will all look good as long as they match the décor style they are incorporated into. Nonetheless, I always say, choose the right plant which speaks directly to you. I hope that makes sense. 

But hey! Let me draw your attention to something real quick –hybrid plants. The fact that the plant’s leaves are flame retardant doesn’t mean the whole plant is retardant. Some fire retardant plants are made with natural stems that will burn when exposed to fire. So, ensure that your supplier informs you of the type of plant it is. I recommend those that are treated throughout. They meet the fire laws, while hybrid plants may not necessarily do so. 

We are wrapping it up! 

While buying plants for commercial or public buildings and premises, I recommend that you seek advice by contacting your sire safety official before purchasing any of the plants. This will put you in a better position. 

I hope you found the information in this post very useful. Take good notes, and I wish you luck as you make the right decision! 

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