Let me tell you something new about the famous faux green walls. There are still some myths about the, and there are also facts amongst these myths.

So, regardless of what you are convinced about, I will give you a brief list of 5 surprising facts about artificial vertical gardens. I think they are things you must know, so take a look at them.


1) Artificial vertical gardens are suitable insulating materials.

Artificial green walls are good insulation systems, and buildings that feature this greenery in their décor tend to be cooler than those without it. Therefore, if you own a building with high heat generation properties, make use of them.

2) They are good noise repellants.

They also act as insulating materials against excessive noises and sounds. Large corporations or workplaces in the cities implement these to promote a calmer and quieter working environment.

3) Not anybody can install an artificial green wall.

I know you’ve probably heard that these faux vertical gardens are easy to install. Well, that’s not totally wrong. But, just partly right. They are easy to install- for the experts. Not just any unskilled individual can install it. There are specific steps and precautions to be taken.

4) Green is the most relaxing color to the eye.

That’s right! Green sits in the middle of the color chart. This means deciphering it from other colors will be less stressful. It also means it would be easy for the brain to interpret the wavelength. This makes it soothing.

5) They are soothing to mental health.

It was experimented some time ago that children and adults exposed to greenery showed less tendency to exhibit signs of depression and anxiety. This is because the sight of the foliage makes one feel calmer and more relaxed.

So, that’s all for this post. You might find out more interesting facts as you study the plants on your own. If you do, let us know.


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