Why Are Artificial Plants So Expensive?

Artificial plants leave lasting beauty in a household and environment. And if you wish to host an event where the plant decoration will not wither before the event is over. You should consider using artificial plants to beautify your space or event. 

Artificial plants and flowers have pleasant smells and real-life natural plant feelings. However, the cost of artificial plants may be high, which has been a frequently asked question by many. So, in this article, we’d look at relative reasons why artificial plants are expensive. Also, it’s advantages and how to care for them so they can last longer and help you save money.

What Are Artificial Plants?

Artificial plants are duplicates of natural plants. They look like natural plants, but they are not real. They can be made from fabric, silk, glass, wood, plastic, clay, and other raw and non-natural materials. They are used either for commercial or domestic decoration. In addition, artificial plants feel like real-life green plants but can be separated from natural plants by casual observation.

Advantages Of Artificial Plants

Some people think that artificial plants are harmful to the environment and are of no importance to the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the reverse is the case. The advantages of artificial plants may overwhelm you.


Artificial plants are manufactured from non-toxic materials and processed into non-harmful materials for living things. Also, they don’t require fertilizer and other resources that affect the environment. Artificial plants don’t affect the natural environment in any way. Fake plants don’t litter the ecosystem with their leaves falling off. Unlike natural plants, they don’t attract insects and animals to our homes.

Less maintenance

Artificial plants do not require daily watering and checking to see if a petal has dropped or a part is wrinkled. Unlike natural plants, they are always colorful and upright all year round. Another factor is that the textile used to make artificial plants can be washed and dried. Maintaining the original look of the flower with less effort is a benefit of artificial plants.


Artificial plants do not experience the shedding of leaves or flowers falling. They maintain a lasting nature and radiance all year round. This means your household and workplace maintain a lasting beauty over time. They can be stored for a long time till whenever it’s needed. 

Very mobile

You can move your artificial plant anywhere in your house or office. You can also take them in your car for a picnic or an outdoor meeting to beautify your temporary environment. Moving your artificial plant around does not damage it.

24/7 Service

Artificial plants do not wither at night or early in the morning (like in some natural plants) before they sprout again for the day. They are used for event decoration at all hours of the day. Their ability to glow is not affected by time.

Why Are Artificial plants expensive?

Artificial plants have become a global asset for occasions like engagement parties, weddings, and birthdays. Despite being fake, it beautifies an event like an actual plant. However, if you have had to buy an artificial plant, you would know it’s somewhat expensive. So why are artificial plants expensive? Artificial plants are costly due to;

1. Costs of production materials

Artificial plants are expensive due to the high cost of their producing materials. These materials include plastic, nylon, ceramic, silk, wood, and other natural and non-natural materials.

Some artificial plants are also imported from countries like China. This leads to additional costs such as transportation, shipment fee, storage, and packing costs, after calculating the various expenses involved in producing an artificial plant. Sellers tend to sell them at costly prices to profit from the sales. 

2. Cost of labor

Artificial plants require a lot of energy for their production. For instance, special care is taken in molding and carving plant shape and size. It requires labor to carry out the physical and factory process to produce artificial plants. 

Furthermore, sourcing and providing quality artificial plants to customers can be tasking. As a B2B company, you must ensure that your plants are of high quality. This takes extra effort in sourcing and importing them.

There is no doubt that artificial plants last longer when compared to natural flowers. This shows that quality time was spent on the production to give it its long-lasting ability. Artificial plants and flowers do not fade or wilt; this feature takes time for experts to achieve.

3. Expertise cost 

Not every person can carve an artificial plant. 

It requires skill, knowledge, and technique to produce a perfectly shaped artificial plant. They need detailed designs that are often handcrafted and designed by experts.

Producing artificial plants from natural and synthetic materials requires extra skill and talent. Therefore as the expertise needed for its production is expensive, it, in turn, leads to increased cost in the plant sale.

How To Care For Artificial plants

It is good to care for artificial plants and flowers to retain their beautiful appearance over time.

Keep artificial plants in pots: Use pots to keep your artificial plant. There are various styles of pots for artificial plants. Also, use different kinds of pots to spice it up.

Keep artificial plants away from the sun: Sun weakens your artificial plant and causes it to wear off. Hence avoid exposing your artificial plant to the sun or other harsh weather conditions.

Keep out of the reach of children: Avoid keeping your artificial plant where children can reach it. They might play with it and risk destroying it.

Clean the artificial plants periodically: Always keep artificial plants clean to maintain their pleasant beauty. Wipe them off with a soft towel and water.

Change artificial plant styling: Take time to change the staying of your artificial plant. It helps bring out its beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you prevent artificial plants from fading?

To prevent artificial plants from fading. Always keep them in a cool and shady corner. Avoid exposing them to the sun and harsh weather conditions.

2. How can I clean artificial plants?

Cleaning an artificial plant is done with a soft cloth and water to wipe off the dirt from its surface. Do not add detergent to your cleaning water because it will react with the materials used in producing the plant.

3. Can artificial plants make good gifts?

Artificial plants make perfect gifts. Have you seen a rose artificial flower? It’s adorable and not gender-selective. Artificial flowers represent affection. Anyone presented with an artificial flower considers themselves unique. Fake plant gifts show care and tenderness. 


Artificial plants have become so popular that an average of 50% of the houses in a neighborhood have one or two artificial plants. They are reliable and credible for decoration such as weddings and housewarming parties. Furthermore, they can be used as artistry in households and offices because artificial plants are works of art.

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