Learn more about artificial hedges and their benefits

We all need that attractive feature that will brighten up our space. We also require that impressive garden wall to spice up that outdoor space. That brings us to the artificial hedges.

 The artificial hedges are wall décor items capable of transforming a dull space into some captivating sight.

Do you want to turn that space into a unique sight? Well then, let’s talk about the artificial hedges and what they can do to your area.

 Take a look!

What are artificial hedges?

Do you see those natural-looking plant walls that usually act as a privacy screen on properties? Or what about the grassy borders between buildings? Well, that put as a hedge, but in this case, an artificial fence.

An artificial hedge is a 3D press wall made from artificial green foliage and beautiful flowers. Just like the artificial green walls, they also have living fences.

However, when compared to the living hedges, the artificial ones seem to be more beneficial. There are lots of advantages these hedges can provide when used appropriately. When I mean a lot, I mean more than just the aesthetic appeal they will provide. So, let’s take a look!

Why do we love artificial hedges?

What benefits are these when you use this feature in your landscape? Is there any noticeable improvement? Okay! Here are the benefits for those who don’t know much about what artificial hedges are about.

a) Manicured and neat look

If you want your landscape to speak enigmatic and classy, opt for the artificial hedges. They have a way of adding aesthetic value to your space by creating a well-manicured appeal.

Unlike the living hedges that may begin to die due to lack of care, the artificial barriers do not. They maintain the neat and lush appearance just the way they came.

b) No continuous and costly maintenance is needed.

Hey, gardeners with interest but no skills! Haha! Well, I understand that. I also lack the skills. As I said earlier, the living hedges will require regular and scheduled maintenance to keep them looking good. If this is ignored, they start to wear out, have holes in them, and eventually die. That’s a total waste!

But, artificial hedges are easy to maintain. No watering, no sunlight, no fertilizer, and no trimming. Not only will this save you from unnecessary expenses. Win-win, right!

c) Eco-friendly and favorable

This may not sound like the real truth and may even come to you as a surprise, but it is a fact. The natural hedges (like real flowers) are not always eco-friendly. Sometimes they might even be poisonous. This is because they will need to be warmed up by heating to have their temperatures regulated. This might not be good for the inhibitors.

On the other hand, artificial hedges are made from materials that do not need the temperature regulated. They are eco-friendly materials, so you don’t have to bother about them, causing a negative effect.

d) Excellent concealment and privacy screens

Artificial hedges are great instruments to create a privacy screen. They are useful hiding methods used in gardens, terraces, or swimming pools.

 Compared to other concealment tools, artificial hedges have shown the exceptional advantages of being easy to install and affordable to purchase. Plus, while doing the concealment job, they still make the space look beautiful. Double gain!

e) Easy installation

Have you ever tried to plant a living hedge by yourself? If you have, you’ll know that that is a great deal of work. But, installing (not planting) an artificial barrier is less stressful. No need to dig, not balls, or cut down branches of any sort.

You only need to select a style of plant you require just for your project.

Installing would require you to affix the panels to your chosen surface. Some artificial hedges come in rolls which you can unroll and fix to the surface. Simultaneously, others come in separate panels, which you will assemble piece by piece on the surface.

Either way, this would be less strenuous than planting a natural hedge. You can remove them whenever you please.

f) Easy customizable

Every individual has a preference. You might hate what your neighbor loves. When outdoor features are concerned, you will have your specific requirements to suit your space.

 The artificial hedges offer you a great advantage of being customizable into any style you want. You can get them in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. You can also use them for either outdoor or indoor purposes. This customization will be done during the installation. Mix and match the panels for a better outlook.

g) Fire retardant

They are also fabricated by mixing fire-retardant chemicals in the composition. (I mean high-grade artificial hedges). So, you don’t have to worry about them contributing to a fire outbreak. They won’t even be able to spread a fire (fire can’t spread through them). This will help in increasing the safety and security of your building and still enhance functionality.

h) Gain instant aesthetic value

The living green walls will need time to grow, develop shape, and become a real beauty. This may take about two to three months at a minimum. But artificial plants do not need much time. They save you time and energy.

So, don’t think artificial hedges are compared to the living ones in terms of practicality. That doesn’t even stand a chance.

i) Durable and long-lasting

High-quality artificial hedges are made to withstand trying weather conditions and last for an extended period. Some may even come with a product warranty, so you know what you’re into. This will ensure that the materials do not fade and discolor easily. All you need to take note of is that you’re purchasing the right quality product.

j) Versatility

Living hedges are selective of location. They need to be located where sunlight is accessible. This reduces the options where they can be replaced.

But the artificial hedges can be located anywhere, outdoor or indoor. They can even be installed in shady areas with narrow sunlight reach. They can be installed anywhere. Therefore, they are a perfect option when versatility is to be considered.

So, here is a brief comparison between the artificial and the living hedges. Consider them when taking a pick; the artificial barriers are;

  • DIY installable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Hassle-free.
  • Little or no maintenance hedges.
  • Always healthy; no death.
  • Customizable,

While living hedges are not!

The artificial hedges can be used in;

  • Backyards (balconies, decks)
  • Homes (fences, front yards)
  • Offices (divides, walkways, reception)
  • Landscapes (commercial buildings)

Wrap up

If it’s an easy to maintain fence décor item you need, then why think it over? Artificial hedges are made, especially for such needs.

 Tell me that you know about them, and I’ll tell you how resourceful such knowledge is. I hope you learn to love them as I do! Thanks!

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