When planning an interior or exterior decoration, fire safety is a top priority to be considered. But guess what! This fire safety doesn’t have to be done at the cost of losing aesthetics. Many of us don’t know this, so we neglect the use of this beautiful foliage because they are susceptible to burning. That shouldn’t be the case. We have a safer alternative- The fire-rated artificial green walls.

Fire-rated artificial green walls are made from fire retardant faux plants that look just as realistic and aesthetic as the regular ones. The fire retardant plants are made with a blend of fire retardant chemicals that prevent them from being ignited (fire can’t spread through them quickly). You might wonder how these fire-rated plants are made, yeah! They can be made in two ways, namely;

  • Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) treating.
  • Topically fire retardant treating.

The manufacturers carry out both methods. The significant difference between them is that one is done during the manufacturing process while the other is done post-production (respectively).

 The inherent fire retardant treating is done by adding the fire retardant chemicals into the raw materials (plastic, silk, or polyester) during the injection molding process. This method is the safest and most efficient method. Plants made fire rated with the technique are the safest. They are also the most durable as they don’t attract dust or wear off quickly.  

However, topically treating involves spraying or dipping the plants into the fire retardant chemicals after they have been produced. This isn’t the best method because traces of the chemicals might still be left on the material. Also, plants made fire rated with this method do not lose for a long time. They attract a lot of dust and wear out very quickly. Hence, we also prefer to get those IFR treated artificial green walls.

Benefits of fire-rated artificial foliage

The benefits cannot be overemphasized as they are as follows;

  1. Safety is guaranteed

With fire rated artificial green walls, you wouldn’t need to bother about the plants causing a fire. This means you can be at ease while creating the space you desire. No need to worry about where you place the plants, as fire safety is assured wherever they are installed. They are also more likely to withstand other forms of damages like fluid spillage or mechanical damages.

  • Minimal care and maintenance

typically, artificial green walls are items that are of low maintenance. The same applies to the fire rated ones. They require very little attention as they do not attract dust (especially the IFR treated ones). They stay lush and fresh after occasional dusting and cleaning.  

They also don’t require watering, pruning, weeding, and fertilizing. All these are related to the living green walls.

  • Versatility

Fire-rated artificial foliage is very versatile. They can be placed anywhere, either indoors or outdoors, without considering the surrounding elements like heat source or sunlight. They can also be used for residential or commercial purposes.

With all that, you should be convinced that it is better to opt for the fire-rated artificial green walls than the regular ones. But, while making such a decision, you should ensure that you get a top brand product as there are lots of filially produced goods in the market.

Stay safe with these plants!

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