Every building owner wants to implement this greenery décor in the decoration of their buildings. I understand what’s not to like about what these vertical gardens do to our walls. It’s amazingly unique.

So, you want to design a faux green wall, huh? Well then, let me briefly take you on a tour around what you need to install on an artificial green wall.

But, firstly, answer these questions and, most definitely, do it technically!

  1. Is there enough space for you to install an artificial green wall? Is your available space a suitable location for a fake green wall? How do you want it to look? Is it a ceiling or wall artificial vertical garden? Answer these.
  2. What visual effect do you plan to create in your space? Is it a minty color? Or just a splash of bright colors? Wild or classic? Creative or simple? Choose.
  3. Are there humiliations to your intended wall space? Are the walls sturdy enough? How close is the wall to where people can get in contact with it? It should be a few meters away from direct contact, so nit doesn’t get damaged.
  4. What vertical garden style do you want to get? Do you want a single plant type or a mix-matching of various varieties? Ferns, succulents, ivy, boxwoods, or mosses? Take a pick.

After you answer those questions, you can go into design.

Step one: Choose a location.

When choosing a location, you should consider the surrounding features that could either complement or complicate the green wall design.

Some features could make your green wall more attractive. Those are what I refer to as complimenting features. They include large windows, fantastic lighting systems, a backdrop of water bodies, and lovely paintings.

Choose a location with excellent surrounding features; otherwise, your designs may look invisible.

Step two: Picking the plant type

Faux plants (artificial green walls) are of different options. Some are wild ferns, succulents, English ivy, boxwood, moss, or others. These are used to make up the green wall when they are attached to the panels.

Some panels contain just a single type of plant species, while others are made with many species in one large panel. This depends on the demand of the buyer.

So, do you want it single or mix-matched? Choose and place your order.

Step three: Review and Install

This is reviewing the first two steps before moving onto the installation. You need to check your choices and figure out the structural strength of your preferences.

Will the wall be able to hold up the panel? What do you intend to use to hold it up? Do you need screws, pins, or nails? Find out.

Then, employ professional help if you’re never installed a green wall on your own before. Most times, the company that supplied the green walls renders installation services, so you should find out.

Having gone through all these, you are ready to design a fabulous artificial green wall. Enjoy the aesthetic effect you get from it!

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