How to Customize Artificial Plants

Various reasons push people to prefer artificial plants. Besides being expensive, you could be having plant-eating pets. You could also be having curious children that won’t allow you keep real plants. Still, you might be lacking time to care for natural plants. However, you can customize artificial plants and have the realistic appearance that you’ve been desiring.


Where you place your faux will determine whether it will have that real look. Whether it is in an office setting or at home, choose a location that will allow your artificial plants ‘to grow.’ The corner near your window is ideal.

Rule out the basement as this is an outright betrayal. Anyone will know that’s not a real plant. Real plants need natural light. Therefore, give the faux that sunlight it needs to grow.

Right container

You may immediately love the plant and make a purchase right away. You forget to look at the container, which could be giving it that obvious artificial appearance. It is still okay. You can get another container for the artificial plant.

Having the correct pot or vase is a sure way to customize your artificial plants. For instance, you can get a big wicker basket for your artificial tree. The container will give it a fresh look. Choose small, well-fitting vases for the smaller plants. Besides having an elevated décor, you will achieve the desired original outlook.

Make them Look Fresh

Natural plants must be well watered. The constant flow of water removes dirt and dust and keeps them looking fresh. Similarly, your artificial plants need to be cleaned. An accumulation of dirt is an outright give-away.

Occasionally check on your faux, and dust them down as the need arises. However, you can leave some small dirt at the base and on the pot for a more authentic appearance. Also, you can use self-watering devices to give the plants a natural appearance. By so doing, you will maintain that illusion that the plants are real.

Purchase a Look-alike

You can still customize your artificial plants by getting flora that matches natural plants. Get a plant with a lesser glow finish. Avoid those with organic details like overly colorful plants, fake rain droplets, and delicate roots. You will not find such a plant in nature which, immediately sells your plant as a faux.

Consider carrying a photo of the real when going to purchase your faux. It will help you buy the exact look-alike. If you can get a dirty-looking vase, the better. You can also mix your faux with a few real plants to make them look more original.

Buy from FEELREAL and we will customize them for you.

With a few additions, you can give your home or office a natural appearance. If the likes of Jean-Michel Frank, décor gurus such as Mario Buatta, and renowned fashion designer Carolina Herrera have done it, why not you?

You can customize your artificial plants to you or your customer’s needs by sending in specifications to FEELREAL. We give them that fresh, authentic-looking environment.

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