Five Best Outdoor Artificial Plants for your Patio

Most homeowners crave a natural lush patio. However, maintaining natural plants is not easy. Apart from watering, weeding, and trimming, some outdoor plants will take months to grow to your desired size. Then why not consider artificial plants for your patio?

For an evergreen patio, faux flora is the real deal. Furthermore, artificial plants need minimal maintenance.

                                     Image credits: Unsplash

Artificial Bushes

Transform your patio using artificial bushes. Similar to real bushes, artificial bushes will help you create an instant hedge. You can opt for flowering versions of hedges or use topiary shrubs.

Improve the patio further by adding grass (brown or foxtail grasses). The advantage of artificial grass is that it doesn’t need to be cut or watered. Other small plants, shrubs, and bushes you can purchase include birds nest fern, agave plant, aloe vera, peace lily, potted fern, and potted Buxus plant.

Outdoor trees

Growing a tree would take many months. Also, real trees are destroyed by harsh weather conditions. For this reason, artificial plants for your patio are better alternatives.

An addition of a bamboo tree will add elegance to your space. Unlike natural bamboo trees, artificial bamboo trees will never spread.

Alternatively, you can get a faux bushy ficus tree. You can place them in a row or have them standing as single units. Either way, they look elegant. Other artificial trees available are the olive tree, monstera tree, fiddle leaf fig tree, cypress pine tree, and areca palm tree.

                                                                        Monstera artificial tree

Flowering plants

Yes, you can get different fake flowering plants for a gorgeous-looking apartment patio. Given that some real flowers are challenging to grow, grab a faux and transform your space in a minute!

Apart from the bird of paradise, other faux flowers that would look awesome include the hanging white rose, butterfly orchid, magnolia tree, hydrangea plant, and dracaena artificial plant.

                                                  Artificial magnolia plant

Palm Trees

The list of faux plants for your patio is inexhaustible. Consider having palm trees around. The tropical appearance of the environment will give you a feeling of relaxation.

Moreover, there are various palm trees such as phoenix and mountain palm trees, Hawaii tropical, the banana palm tree, coconut palm tree, multi-trunk Hawaii palm, and the artificial fern palm tree.

Privacy Fence Panels

Add greenery and texture to the walls of your apartment patio using artificial fence panels. More also, you can use them on the fence.

Faux fence panels are expandable. For this reason, you can adjust the size to fit your needs. Get that classy appearance by adding a few frames.

                                                  Photo credits: Harlow and Thistle


The primary feature of interior and exterior designs is that they reflect your personality. The choice of color, style, and texture will reveal the real you. You can have bold colors but with a limit.

Besides having artificial plants for your patio, light up the space! Choose the patio lighting carefully to achieve a remarkable ambiance in the evenings. And don’t forget to order your trees from FEEL REAL: The number one Chinese artificial plant manufacturer.

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