6 Perfect Ways to Style Your Artificial Plants in the Bathroom

Have you decided to brighten up your bathroom with artificial plants but are unsure how to style them? Unleash your creativity with artificial plants, turning your bathroom from drab to fab. In this article, we will explore some of the most innovative and refreshing ideas to breathe new life into your bathroom decor.

Why Opt for Artificial Plants?

1. Budget-Friendly and Low-Maintenance

Unlike their live counterparts, artificial plants require no watering, sunlight, or pruning, making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate greenery without the maintenance hassle. Plus, you don’t have to keep replacing them, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

2. Versatility in Style

With an array of different shapes, sizes, and colors, artificial plants provide endless styling opportunities, allowing you to curate your unique bathroom sanctuary.

The Beauty of Artificial Plants:

Artificial plants offer versatility and longevity, lending an authentic touch of nature to your bathroom without the fuss of maintenance. With artificial plants, you won’t have to worry about adequate sunlight or water, allowing you to focus on the aesthetic appeal they bring.

The Perfect Style Choices:

1. Plants in Baskets: A Charming Trend

One of the rising trends in bathroom decor is the use of plants in baskets. This micro-trend allows you to create various scenes in your bathroom.

Country Western Design

Try cacti in earthy-toned wicker baskets for a Country-Western design. Pair these with wooden wall panels and a floral shower curtain to complete the look.

Tropical Vibes with Bamboo Baskets

For a more tropical touch, place a palm tree in a bamboo basket. The natural texture of the bamboo will complement the palm tree’s lush green leaves, transporting you to a tropical paradise.

2. Hanging Plants: Making Use of Vertical Space

Hanging plants offer a fantastic solution for utilizing your bathroom’s vertical space. Plus, a plant hanger can also act as a visual anchor for your room’s color scheme.

— Simplicity and Monochrome

For a minimalist, chic look, consider a simple, monochromatic hanging plant. The plant’s green color will pop against a white or black background, creating a striking contrast.

— Bright and Audacious Design

If you prefer bolder colors, go for a hanging plant in a vibrant pot. This is a wonderful way to echo a more bright and audacious design.

3. More is More: Embracing the Maximalist Decor

The maximalist decor is making a huge comeback, and artificial plants are perfect for hopping on this trend. Fill your bathroom with color, pattern, decoration, and foliage – the sky’s the limit!

— Statement Plant: Simplicity and Class

Want something less chaotic? Opt for a single, large plant. A large Monstera or Calathea beside the bathtub or an artificial eucalyptus tree, bamboo tree, or olive tree could be the focal point your bathroom needs.

— Dedicated Plant Shelves or Area: Cohesion or Contrast?

Combine smaller artificial plants into one dedicated area. This could be a shelf, a countertop, or even the back of your toilet. Create cohesion with similar size and texture plants, or establish contrast with varying sizes and colors.

4. Your Bathroom as a Zen Garden

Want a bathroom that doubles as a sanctuary? Adopt Japanese-style elements with an Artificial Bamboo Tree or miniature terrariums. These elements will create a restorative, zen-like space for you to enjoy daily.

Unleashing Creativity with FeelReal:

FeelReal is your perfect partner in transforming your bathroom into a botanical paradise. As a leading business in artificial plants, we understand the value of high-quality, affordable products and promise to deliver just that. Get ready to revolutionize your bathroom decor with our vast array of artificial plants.


Can I mix and match different artificial plants?

Yes, you can mix and match different artificial plants to create unique designs that reflect your personal style.

Do artificial plants require any maintenance?

No, artificial plants do not require any maintenance such as watering or sunlight, making them perfect for bathroom decor.

Where can I place my artificial plants in the bathroom?

You can place artificial plants anywhere in your bathroom, including shelves, countertops, the back of the toilet, or hanging from the ceiling.

Can I use artificial plants in a small bathroom?

Absolutely! Artificial plants are perfect for small bathrooms as they can be hung or placed in vertical spaces to maximize space.

How can I style a large artificial plant in my bathroom?

A large artificial plant can be styled as a statement piece. Place it beside your bathtub or against a wall for a dramatic effect.

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