5 High-End Artificial Greenery Walls For Commercial Interiors

FeelReal’s artificial greenery wall is ingeniously crafted to be UV-protected and fire-resistant, ensuring a safer and lasting addition to your interior design and landscape. We cordially invite interior design and home improvement companies to explore our range of contractor-endorsed artificial wall plants tailored to create standout feature walls.

When on the hunt for distinctive office plants to amplify your company’s interiors, our artificial greenery serves as a vibrant refresher, revitalizing your workspace within moments. We cater to both residential and commercial landscapes with our designs. Featuring a unique pattern, the green wall stands as a distinguishing attribute for your company or business. The artificial hedges not only offer easy installation but also promise an impressive indoor display lifespan of 3-5 years with minimal upkeep.

Step into the world of modern commercial interior design with FeelReal’s innovative artificial greenery walls. Whether you’re looking for unique office plants to liven up your workspace or seeking to transform a commercial area into a stunning feature wall, we have you covered.

5 Diverse Selections for an Exotic Feature Wall:

1. Interior Hospitality Wall

Looking for something unique to decorate your company’s interiors? Our mixed artificial foliage hedges panels, like the classic ivy, laurel, and fern, could just be the touch of green you need to revamp your workspace. Imagine the lush greenery enhancing the ambience within minutes. Now, that’s a showstopper.

2. LOGO Wall Plants Backdrop

Take your branding to the next level with our artificial vertical garden panels. These are perfect for incorporating natural elements into any wall surfaces. Picture your logo emblazoned on a backdrop of our green wall mat with white flowers, providing a sense of green and relaxation. It’s not just a backdrop, it’s a statement.

3. Ceiling Cover with Hanging Ivy

Why limit creativity to the walls when the ceiling can be an artistic canvas too? Our artificial hanging plants, installed upside down on the ceiling, offer a distinctive touch that sets your interior apart. It’s like stepping into a jungle right in the heart of a city. Isn’t that an exciting idea?

4. Uniquely Crafted Preserved Reindeer Moss Wall

— Vivid Colors and Stunning Patterns

With our preserved reindeer moss wall, you can add an artistic look to your decor. The varied colors of natural preserved dried moss allow you to create different patterns on the mat. Now, isn’t that an alluring way to make your interiors stand out?

— High-Quality Fade Resistance

If you value longevity in your interior decor, our preserved reindeer moss wall should be on your offer list. Our moss walls can retain their color for years, thanks to our contractor-approved high-quality materials. How about adding a lasting touch of nature to your space?

5. Enhance Restaurant Interior with Greenery Walls

— Fire-Retardant for Commercial Safety

For restaurant owners seeking to create a unique and safe atmosphere, our artificial greenery wall is an ideal solution. The fire-retardant properties of our artificial plants make them safe for commercial interior design. Can you picture the blend of safety and aesthetics?

— A Green and Relaxing Atmosphere

More and more restaurant owners are using our green wall products to create a calming and inviting atmosphere for their customers. Consider replacing the conventional decor with our greenery wall, and watch as your restaurant transforms into an oasis.

Why Choose FeelReal’s Artificial Greenery Walls?

1. Superior Quality and Eco-friendly

All FeelReal artificial greenery walls are made safe for the human body, free of heavy metals, and eco-friendly. We believe in providing the best for our customers, and our products reflect this commitment. Isn’t it great to know that you’re choosing a product that’s not only beautiful but also kind to the planet?

2. Wholesale Pricing and Customization Options

Whether it’s for retail, wholesale, or landscape projects, our factory-direct pricing makes our artificial hedges wall plants panels an attractive choice. We offer the largest stock, and customization is always available at FeelReal. Ready to create your unique greenery wall?

Our artificial greenery walls at FeelReal offer a safe, quality, and aesthetically pleasing solution for your commercial interiors. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, an interior design company, or a home improvement company, our artificial greenery walls can cater to your unique needs while providing a tranquil atmosphere. So, why wait? Start creating your green oasis with FeelReal today.

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